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You’re a Corvette C owner, and you love your car. But you don’t love the performance it delivers. You want to make your Corvette C 8 sing with power and style. That’s where the Corvette C Wide body Kit comes in! This kit gives you everything you need to upgrade your car’s performance, including a new set of wheels, tires, and brakes. Plus, it comes with a free-of-charge installation guide! So what are you waiting for? Get started today by ordering your Corvette C 8 Wide-body Kit!

What is the Corvette C 8 Widebody Kit?

The Corvette C 8 Widebody Kit is a performance upgrade that gives your car an increased level of power and capability. It includes a new, enlarged intake manifold and throttle body, as well as other enhancements to help improve fuel economy and performance.

The kit is available for both the regular and roadster models of the Corvette. The regular model, includes a new engine block, crankshaft, camshafts, pistons, connecting rods, and journals. The kit also includes all necessary hardware to rebuild your engine including valves, heads, manifolds, oil systems, timing chains, air intakes/induction systems, drive belts/fenders/seats/hardtops etc.

For the roadster model of the Corvette, the kit only includes the engine block and crankshaft. However, it does include all necessary hardware to rebuild your engine including valves (including forged steel), heads (including 3-valve Heads with Nitro us Oxide treatment), manifolds (including 2-inch or 4-inch diameter manifolds), oil systems (including 3- or 5-cylinder aluminum heads with enamel coated bronze pistons), timing chains (9 rounds per side instead of 6 rounds per side in the regular model), air intakes/induction systems (6 openings on each side instead of 4 on each side for better airflow under acceleration), driveshafts (3 different types for different speeds) etc.

Section 2. What are the Benefits of the Corvette C 8 Widemouthed?

The benefits of having a Corvette C 8 Wide-body Kit are numerous and include increased power and capability; improved fuel economy; reduced emissions; and enhanced driving experience. Increased power comes from increased airflow through the newly enlarged intake manifold and throttle body; as well as from other enhancements such as a new engine block size and crankshaft shape. Improved fuel economy comes from using less gasoline; Estimated emissions come down by up to 30% when using unleaded gasoline compared to unleaded premium gasoline; while the driving experience is improved because of reduced fatigue caused by long trips.

The Corvette C8WidebodyKit is a must-have for any Corvette owner looking to improve performance and fuel economy.

How to Upgrade Your Corvette C 8.

Removing the stock frame of a Corvette C 8 is the first step to upgrading your car. This will allow you to increase the performance and handling of your car. To do this, you’ll need to remove all of the parts that connect the car’s chassis to its body. This includes the driveshaft, transmission, and differential.

Add a Corvette C 8 Widebody kit.

If you want to upgrade your car’s look, then a Corvette C 8 wide body kit is a great option. This kit will add an extra row of seats, as well as increased performance and handling. To install this kit, you’ll need some basic tools and knowledge about welding and fabrication.

Upgrade the Suspension.

Upgrading the suspension is another important step in increasing your car’s performance and handling. A good place to start is by upgrading your shocks and struts. These will help improve the ride quality and handling of your Corvette C 8 while also increasing stability on rough roads or track surfaces.

Upgrade the Brakes.

Adding brake pads can also improve your driving experience while on Radiotherapist errands or during races or stunts – it can provide more controlled stopping power which can make them easier to control in difficult situations or during high-speed maneuvers.

Upgrade the Engine.

Upgrading your engine is another important step in increasing your Corvette C 8’s performance and handling. A good place to start is by upgrading your engine oil filters and intake manifold. This will help improve the fuel economy and performance of your car.

Tips for Upgrade Your Corvette C.

If you’re upgrading your Corvette C8, it’s important to remove the stock frame before beginning. This will help reduce the amount of weight you have to carry around and make the upgrade easier and more affordable.

Add a Corvette C8 Wide-body kit.

A widebody kit is a great way to improve your Corvette C8’s performance. This package contains a variety of components that will allow you to increase your speed, cornering ability, and overall fuel economy.

Upgrade the Suspension.

It’s important to upgrade the suspension when upgrading your Corvette C8. This will allow you to increase the car’s handling and stability while on the road. You can do this by adding new shocks, struts, or swaybars. Additionally, you can replace any aging components with new ones to improve your car’s ride quality and performance.

Upgrade the Brakes.

When upgrading your Corvette C8 brakes, it’s important to choose high-quality brakes that will provide good stopping power and reliable operation over time. You can buy these brakes directly from dealers or online retailers like eBay or Amazon . Additionally, it may be helpful to get brake service done regularly if your car has older brakes that are starting to start leaks or fade (this is common in older cars).

Upgrade the Engine。

upgrades are always important in an automotive project, even if they only cost a few dollars extra per item! The engine in your Corvette C8 is one of its most important pieces – it needs to be reliable, strong, and able to handle all of the power that you throw at it! To ensure this, it’s best to upgrade our engine first!


Upgrading your Corvette C8 is a great way to improve performance, safety, and look. It’s also important to be careful not to overspend on upgrades, as there are countless other ways to improve your Corvette C8. By following these tips, you can make sure that your car meets or exceeds the expectations of customers. Thanks for reading!

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